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Running a theater takes a team, but running a theater and producing a full length, brand new musical with a cast of 14 takes a village. Thankfully the AMT village has really stepped up and despite all the challenges we are making this work and managing to laugh while we are at it. The performing arts have a way of insisting that not only you, but your entire family have to be involved in the process and that has certainly been the case with us as all of our partners/children/parents/friends have helped in some way or another with the production of DAVID; whether it has been ushering, promoting, sourcing items, dying fabric in your bathroom or hugging us at the end of a long and stressful day everyone has helped. The collective involvement of a community is essential in achieving a certain goal or completing a task, like running a theater or producing a show, so THANK YOU everyone, we see you and we appreciate you. We are not finished yet and we will lean on you a lot more in the next 2 weeks, but we couldn't have gotten here without you, we are grateful.

Thank you giph

A particular shoutout needs to be made to Pete Dorton who joined the team to be the Administrative Manager for DAVID. Pete is also one of the producers for our AMT International Film Festival happening 8 - 10 November. We knew we needed an extra pair of hands for this production and without Pete we would have struggled to get everything done without crying all the time. Thank you for being so positive and always going above and beyond what is asked of you.

Pete Dorton at AMT Theater thank you

We have a birthday today, our Marketing Director Joan Pelzer! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANIE! Thank you for always bursting into the theater filled with enthusiasm and ideas! We hope you are having a marvelous day and we will continue the festivities when we are all in the city together again, an excellent excuse to keep celebrating.

happy birthday giph

Our gorgeous production poster was featured in Times Square again yesterday! It's thrilling seeing a billboard with the show you help produce up in one of the most iconic squares in the world. I braved the crowds and the heat for this, totally worth it. DAVID tickets still available, don't miss it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and support the arts.

p.s. cheeky discount code for this weekend only!

AMT International Film Festival discount code

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