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Lies q and A AMT Theater


Scroll through the previous plays we have showcased in AMT Theater's

New Work Development Program.

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lies poster AMT Theater

Lies by Jerry Slaff

Jerry Slaff was born in Brooklyn and lives just outside Washington, D.C.. His first play, Peanuts and Cracker Jack, was produced at the Cleveland Playhouse, with follow up productions at the Arkansas Repertory Theater and Mint Theater in New York. His play Grand Union was a finalist for the 2020 Austin Film Festival's playwriting competition. Both Lies and his new play Who's Yehoodi? were both 
semifinalists for the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference.

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Mimi Warnick, hosting the talk back session, Erik Kochenberger as Benny Kleinfeld, Steven Ditmyer Director, Jerry Slaff Palywright and 

Tamara Flannagan as Lorelei Beatrice Beckmann. 

closed poster AMT Theater

Closed by Bill Kelly Jr.

As humans mysteriously disappear from their neighbourhood, a small restaurant in New York Ciy closes for the last time on Halloween night. But the possibility of revival arises when an unexpected stranger arrives, costumed as Dracula.

closed reading AMT Theater

Cast reading Closed

Tucker Lewis as Jack Lee, Lucie Fleming as Litzy, Doug Golding as Duggie,  Jake Daehler, Sophie Brubraker as Hannah, Tamara Flannagan reading Stage Directions.

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Green Room 3_edited_edited.jpg

The Green Room by David Ippolito

Green Room reading AMT Theater

Cast reading The Green Room

LOST AND FOUND poster AMT Theater

Lost and Found by Angelica Gorga

LOST AND FOUND is a One-Act play that takes place in a laundromat in Brooklyn, New York during the blackout of 2003. With no electricity coming back anytime soon, strangers LOST and FOUND stick together during this time of uncertainty in a city that has just come off an attack two years prior. Passing the time through drinking, games, and folding laundry, both ultimately form a connection and reveal their own secrets and pasts, one they have more in common than they think. This play represents connection, the nonlinear timeline of healing, and how grief affects our day to day lives. 


Cast of Lost and Found

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zoom in AMT Theater

Zoom In by Tony Sportiello


Tony Sportiello

New Works Aug 1_edited.jpg

As a playwright, much of my work explores complex social issues for which there are no easy solutions. Traveling in developing countries, war-ravaged nations as well as working in emergency medicine has supplied me with several lifetimes of theatrical material for my plays. - J. Thalia Cunningham

Rainbow's End by J. Thalia Cunningham

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New Works Aug 2_edited.jpg

3 interconnected artistic couples around the U.S. have their worlds turned upside down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Awakening them abruptly to reality and forcing them to reflect on the future of their creative careers and relationships as they struggle to complete a movie during quarantine.

Should We Grow Up by Diego Lanao

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new work aug 4_edited.jpg

The Ecstasies by Drew Paskovich

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