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New Work Development Program

Summer Reading Series 2023 AMT Theater

Don Francis

AMT began its New Work Development Program in 2022. We received over 130 scripts, and will give twelve of them a reading on our off-broadway stage in 2023. Our reading series is a chance for playwrights to hear their play out loud, and also hear artists and audience’s initial response and feelings. This is crucial to developing a new play.


As the industry continues to recover from the pandemic, emerging and in process artistic opportunities are very limited, so we are prioritizing time and space to hear new voices and stories.  

We are also presenting new work for our community of artists and neighbors. Our goal is to be a local theatrical home for artists and audiences in the same neighborhood as one of the global theatrical centers. We want to present plays that reflect the lives and stories of our audience members, and we want to include our audience's insights and feedback when choosing programming for our season. We are very excited to find and develop new work that is diverse in subjects, backgrounds, and experiences, and we hope the audiences will find stories that are not only entertaining, but represent their community. 


We are looking forward to expanding our New Work Development Program, and offering more opportunities to playwrights and new stories into 2024! 

Mimi Warnick

Mimi Warnick

New Work Development Director

Mimi is a director and artist based in NYC. Mimi chose to study and pursue a career in theater because she has seen and experienced the transformative powers it can have on young people, audiences, and communities. She is very excited that AMT is providing a local theater home for the Midtown Manhattan community.



Peruse the previous excellent plays we have showcased in our New Works Development Program

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