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Our small, but mighty, AMT Team is putting on a Goliath musical just for you. We are eating, sleeping and dreaming about DAVID, a new musical. Obviously we are completing all the other tasks required to run a theater, but the focus is on DAVID for the next few weeks until we open for previews June 1st.

AMT Theater: DAVID, a new musical production team
The mighty AMT Team bring DAVID to life

When I think of David I immediately think of Goliath, how a young shepherd boy had the guts and faith to face a giant from a hostile nation and kill him with a sling shot and only 5 pebbles in his pocket. I find facing the subway at rush hour to be daunting, let alone an angry giant. I also cannot use a slingshot and would probably injure myself and innocent bystanders if I ever had to use one.

Life goal: be as brave as David facing Goliath.

Our new musical focuses on David in the last days of his life and how he feels about all that he has achieved, both good and bad. He is joined by the prophet Nathan, who sometimes gently, sometimes sternly, reminds him of choices he made and their consequences. It is a beautiful reminder that all our actions have repercussions that ripple outwards reaching so many more people than we can ever imagine. David has regrets as well as pride in his life's work, he certainly crammed in a ton of impressive experiences into his life, and I think this combination of regret and pride/satisfaction is healthy. Life is not perfect and can be messy, but it is beautiful and as long as we strive for good I think the mark we leave is largely positive.

David did so much more than slay a giant, this was just the beginning of a long and full life, but his life does seem to be defined by this one monumental moment. Which perhaps is not a bad thing, it is the way many of us learn about David, the opening chapter as it were, and our musical will show you all the other chapters in the book of his life.

AMT Theater: DAVID, a new musical poster

In a world that feels incredibly chaotic and filled with pain, try to focus on the good you can do today, do fun things and smile. I can tell you from experience that going to the theater is an excellent use of your time, it transports you to a world away from this one for a little while, but it has a huge impact on this world by reminding us all that we are connected and the community it creates can help us face the trials and tribulations of daily life. Have courage, because courage is contagious, David knew this.

Courage is Contagious image

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