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Updated: Jun 17

Let's make HOT THEATER SUMMER a thing just like Hot Girl Summer, only less judgey and more fun!

AMT Theater is leading the way with this new trend (it's a thing, trust me), DAVID, a new musical opened on Sunday, June 9th to a wonderful audience, it runs until July 13th, so you have time to see it - we've already had repeat audience members so there is definitely time to see it more than once too! Don't take my word for it, read the reviews below and then make haste to our ticket site.

"See it if you enjoy Biblical stories with a comic flair, lots of dancing and singing, a delightful ensemble with talent galore" - Show Score

"Under the smart direction of Kyle Pleasant, the story unfolds through powerful relationships created by the strong ensemble cast that include a vibrant Jay Aubrey Jones (Achish), the compelling Jacob Louchheim (Jonathan), tough and torn Caleb Mathura (Solomon), logical and funny Kenny Morris (Nathan), poignant and strong Timothy Warmen (David), sweet and suffering Olivia Vadnais (Michal), and energetic and open Ethan Zeph (Young David). Ashley Marie Arnold, Blair Alexis Brown, Bruce Blanchard, Scott Harrison, Garland Ray, and Jodi Snyder complete the terrific ensemble.

SPLASH Magazine

OPENING DAY was a grand affair, starting with our billboard going up in the heart of Times Square! There is very little as thrilling as seeing your show advertised in one of the most iconic squares in the world. The show was wonderful and we ended with a fantastic party. Jillian Nelson, who never disappoints, was there to capture the moments. Take a look at the DAVID team having a wonderful HOT THEATER SUMMER time!

I watched the show and marveled at the talent before me, as someone who cannot sing (well, I can sing, but it hurts to listen to me) I am always profoundly envious of people who can belt out a song and gosh can this cast sing beautifully. As someone who thought they knew a fair amount about David, the Biblical figure, it turns out I had a lot to learn, which is fabulous, our brains are elastic and expanding mine with new knowledge is always exciting (yes, I am a nerd, wholeheartedly). I may have a discount code up my sleeve, so shoot me an email: if you would like a discount.

Seeing as in it's HOT THEATER SUMMER we are planning on heating up the stage with YOUR ONE ACTS AND SHORTS. You have the chance to participate in this hot theater summer, BUT ONLY IF YOU SUBMIT BY JUNE 15. Seriously, time is running out so either write one quickly (let the story simmering in your brain out onto a page) or submit that one short just sitting on your hard drive feeling lonely and unseen. Send your work to Mimi Warnick, our New Work Development Director!

AMT Theater Summer Reading Series submission call 2024

There is more to come, but I don't want to overwhelm you with information, next week there will be more additions to Hot Theater Summer!

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