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Updated: Jun 14

We want to showcase your work this year! Let us shine a spotlight on your creative work and help launch you into the heady and wonderful world of theater and film. We live for this, please let us help you shine.

First up we have our One Acts & Shorts Reading Festival in August and the submission call is out now, so if you have a one act or a short lurking in a folder then be brave and send it to Mimi Warnick. Seriously, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by submitting it to us. Either you hear nothing, in which case it wasn't selected for this festival (BUT we keep them all and roll them over, so it still has a chance to be read at a later stage) OR you get a congratulations email and then you watch as your words come to life on stage...all for free.

AMT Theater One Acts & Shorts Reading Festival August

The next thing we want from you are your films. Yes, films, we are branching out as our AMT creative tree grows and now we are launching our inaugural AMT International Film Festival in November 2024! THIS IS SO EXCITING. Also, the early bird submission discount ends May 31 so get on over to Film Freeway and submit that film that's sitting on your hard drive. I want you to imagine yourself winning one of our categories and the pride you will feel, take that feeling and use it to submit your film.

AMT Theater International Film Festival November 2024

I am the worst at having an idea or creating something and then letting it gather dust (figuratively and literally) instead of putting myself out there and being brave, so I tell you what, if you submit your one act or film to our festivals then leave a comment here and I will set a date for my small exhibition. You will be invited.

Finally, I am going to give you a sneak peak at the DAVID set which was loaded in yesterday and it looks AMAZING! It brings me right back to walking through Jaffa and Jerusalem, grab your tickets asap and be transported to the beautiful life of DAVID.

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