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An Unbalanced Mind


Benjamin Scuglia in association with Little Jack Productions presents


A Comic Spy Thriller

Written by Mark Wilding

Directed by Charlie Mount


CIA agent Jack Wilson and his naive but brilliant protege’ Daniel Baker clash over the best way to overthrow the president of Chile, Salvador Allende. Working with them, or possibly against them, is the savvy and mysterious hotel maid, Maria Troncoso, who may be more than she appears. And hilariously pulling the strings from the shadows are the bickering puppet masters Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger.  Spies, double-crosses, intrigue and murder are all on the bill for this farcical and relevant look at American adventurism.


An Unbalanced Mind


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Love Quirks is a new musical fable based on actual events as a group of thirty-somethings explore the bizarre tribulations of love, friendship, and all the blurry lines in-between.


Four broken hearts must face the past and look to the future, as they march into the strange and often hilarious world of love on the island of Manhattan.


What they find is never what they expect, and they must face up to their own Love Quirks to move forward.


Love Quirks features a score of quirky, neurotic and poignant songs by composer/lyricist Seth Bisen-Hersh and a script by Mark Childers filled with laughter, pathos and sexual tension.


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"An Unbalanced Mind" is a collection of Al Tapper songs, some of which have been seen in his Off Broadway shows, some of which are new, some of which have never been heard before. 'When you write music for as long as I have, you develop a 'trunk' full of songs,' Tapper explains. 'I've used a lot of these in shows such as "Sessions," "National Pastime," "The Paparazzi," etc., but invariably you wind up leaving some on the cutting room floor.'

Since 2008 it has been rare that a season has passed without an Al Tapper musical. "Sessions", his show about group therapy, played 300 performances at the Algonquin Theater before transferring to Guadalajara, Mexico, where it won the award for Best Musical.  His other work includes the 6-month New York run of "An Evening at the Carlyle", and "National Pastime", which played in New York, Washington, D.C., Austin, Phoenix, Scranton, and the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

The five character revue will be directed by Kelli Maguire, with music direction by David Wolfson.


Adventures in Vegas is a hilarious, true-life romp from Andrea Bell Wolff’s diary, circa 1970, when she starred in Breck Wall’s Bottom’s Up on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Adventures in Vegas features sequins, scandal, romance, feathers and guaranteed laughs!


"It's like an episode of Laugh-In without network censors: it's funny, it's musical, it's sexy, and it's human.”

- Broadway World

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