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AMT Theater Baggage at the Door poster
Bettingers Luggage AMT Theater 2023


The Addams Family Jr poster AMT Youth Theater 2023
The Money Tree poster AMT Theater 2023
Klezmer in the Kitchen! Vol. 2 poster AMT Theater 2023
On the Right Track poster AMT Theater 2023

Upcoming Events


Beauty and the Beast Jr AMT Youth Theater 2022

Based on the original Broadway production that ran for over thirteen years and was nominated for nine Tony Awards, and the Academy Award-winning motion picture, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. is a fantastic adaptation of the story of transformation and tolerance.  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. features some of the most popular songs ever written by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman, along with new songs by Mr. Menken and Tim Rice.


An Unbalanced Mind


An Unbalanced Mind poster 2022. A musical review directed by Kelli Maguire

"An Unbalanced Mind" is a collection of Al Tapper songs, some of which have been seen in his Off Broadway shows, some of which are new, some of which have never been heard before. 'When you write music for as long as I have, you develop a 'trunk' full of songs,' Tapper explains. 'I've used a lot of these in shows such as "Sessions," "National Pastime," "The Paparazzi," etc., but invariably you wind up leaving some on the cutting room floor.'

Since 2008 it has been rare that a season has passed without an Al Tapper musical. "Sessions", his show about group therapy, played 300 performances at the Algonquin Theater before transferring to Guadalajara, Mexico, where it won the award for Best Musical.  His other work includes the 6-month New York run of "An Evening at the Carlyle", and "National Pastime", which played in New York, Washington, D.C., Austin, Phoenix, Scranton, and the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

The five character revue will be directed by Kelli Maguire, with music direction by David Wolfson.

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