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We are very pleased to officially announce this endeavor with our friends from IDEA Guadalajara. In October 2023, AMT Theater welcomed a group of 11 talented musical theater young students from Guadalajara, Mexico, and provided them with outstanding training by Broadway professionals!

This group of kids also had the opportunity to experience first-hand what happens behind a Broadway stage and, of course, enjoy the finished product on stage!


It is a privilege and an honor to partner up with our friends from Guadalajara and thrive in our common objective to erase borders and develop young actors and actresses for the growth of the industry and the fulfillment of dreams.



The NYC Eperience Poster 2022. IDEA Guadalajara and AMT Theater project.

Beyond the Great White Way and across the border there are thousands of artists making theater happen. From actors, directors, and producers, to sound technicians and costume designers, we’ve been lucky enough to have found talented individuals deeply dedicated to their craft in a beautiful city called Guadalajara, in Mexico. 


Since 2009 we’ve established a partnership with Mexican artists, allowing us to take our shows to Spanish-speaking audiences in Guadalajara and finding great success. Now, we’re aiming to magnify our partnership, creating new and exciting opportunities for theater-makers both in the US and Mexico, having the new AMT theater as their home, and working in tandem to build bridges through the making of art.

Broadway without Borders

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