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A few years ago I took my God-daughter to the Logos Hope ship that was docked in our port, it has an amazing bookshop on one of the decks and I thought she would love it. However, she was only about 8 years old at the time and I had forgotten how small a ship can make a child feel, she became timid and worried, so I took her hand and said "Be bold, it will be fun." To which she responded: "I don't want to lose all my hair." I laughed so hard and then had to explain the difference between Bold and Bald. I am happy to say she was bold and loved the Logos Hope, she also managed to spend a lot of my money on books, all while keeping her hair. The reason I tell you this is because we could all take a leaf out of her book and be bolder, do the things that scare us and then enjoy ourselves. It did help that she could hold my hand and I will admit that it is significantly easier to do things when you can lean on others for support. Which is what David did throughout his life, he was bold and brave all while walking steadfastly in the faith he placed in God, he leaned on God and used that support to continue going boldly forth.

Was David a perfect person? No, and our new musical delves into how he was flawed, but that he was willing to admit this and to look back on his life and see the things that he could have done better. For one thing, he could have tried harder to nurture the love of his devoted wife. This love was ending, little by little, moment by moment...which I think is something we can all relate to, any kind of relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for in order to thrive and survive the hardships of life. Olivia Vadnais who plays

Michal in DAVID, sings this song beautifully in the is a sneak peak:

Life goals: Be as bold as David looking back on his life and accepting his mistakes. Nurture all relationships.

Just Another Day show starring Dan Lauria and Patty McCormack

Dan Lauria and Patty McCormack star in Just Another Day which is a truly beautiful show that bravely looks at love when memory no longer works as it once did, instead giving you only glimpses and half glances at what once was. It is a story about how love can transcend disease and hardship, that somehow it can guide us back to happiness and comfort. I sat in the auditorium for a while afterwards with tears streaming down my face, I haven't been that moved by a show in a long time. I think it hit me so hard because it is so well written and acted, I felt as though I knew the characters and so I laughed with them, became confused with them and then cried at the idea that perhaps they didn't have another day to come.

Do yourselves a favour and get tickets to this limited run of Just Another Day if you look carefully at the image there is a promo code to get $20 off your ticket.

BE BOLD and enter that One Act or Short you have in a folder on your computer, enter it now and you might just get to see it come alive on stage! Trust me, I know it can be daunting sending out your writing baby with the chance that it may get rejected, but this is worth it. You have worked hard and your writing baby deserves to grow, the first step is submitting it to Mimi, she will be gentle and kind, she may even give it chance to be seen by more people, take the chance, enter now.

AMT Theater: New Work Development Program ONE ACT & SHORTS READING FESTIVAL AUGUST 2024 call for submissions

PSSSSST. If you watch a show at AMT Theater take your ticket to Cubby's (just around the corner) and get supper on the way home, 15% off! No one wants to cook after a show and now you don't have to.

Cubby's burger's Hell's Kitchen partnership with AMT Theater

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