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Updated: Apr 23

How long do you think it takes from writing a play and it becoming a successful Broadway or West End production? Roughly a decade. To put that into perspective 10 years ago this week "Happy" by Pharrell Williams was the top song in the USA. THAT WAS A LONG TIME AGO. The arduous process of conceptualising a play, writing it and seeing it come to life with actors on stage can be quite lonely for the writer, which is where AMT Theater comes in. We want to make that journey less lonely, which is why we have our New Work Development Program where we help new and established writers have readings so they can see and hear what they have written and whether it is working and what needs attention. Next week we are having our Reading Festival where we are showcasing 8 new plays! 8! It's going to be absolute magic.

AMT Theater New Work Development Program READING FESTIVAL April 9 - 11

These are the reasons you should come:


++ You will get the chance to talk to the writers at the end of the readings and give them feedback. Remember, it's lonely sometimes being a writer and your comment may be just the thing that illuminates a shady area for them and solves the problem or opens up a whole new avenue of thought. These are works in progress and they need feedback in order to move the play closer to the finished and polished product you might take for granted when you go to a Broadway show.

++ This is your chance to see how the sausage is made. You know what I mean right? We usually just buy the ready made sausage from the store and cook it without thinking about how it became a sausage. Well, now you can be part of the process and get bragging rights when these plays become mega hits. You're welcome.

++ I have read all the plays and they are great. Mimi Warnick, our New Work Director, carefully chose these eight from a massive amount of entries to our call for new plays and she has made an excellent selection. I want to talk about each show, but really, you should come and watch and then we can discuss them in person because I will be here welcoming everyone.

++ We have gathered some stellar directors and actors for each play so not only are you going to be a part of the magic creative process but these actors are going to make you forget there are music stands and give you a fantastic theater experience - for free.

flower growing out of a book giph

Also, you don't need to book in advance, just show up and grab a seat. Tuesday, April 9th starting at 7pm are a series of short plays: An Extraordinary Day, Playwright: Alex Dmitriev; Passwords, Parking, & Other Predicaments, Playwright: Heather Christie; The Things We Know, Playwright: Sarah Zweighaft; How It’s Made, Playwright: Mat Crowley; Jenny Rogers Needs A Miracle, Playwright: Christina Vlamis. Wednesday we have 2 full length plays, at 2pm Stuck With Fred, Playwright: Timothy Nolan and at 7pm Go Down, Moses, Playwright: Dana Leslie Goldstein. Thursday April 11 we have our closing full length play, Cornflake Pie, Playwright: Grace Tomblin Marca, at 7pm.  It is a a feast for your senses during this wet and chilly April.

see you there giph

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