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You know, I lived in England for 5 years and never met a member of the Royal Family. The closest I got was standing outside Buckingham Palace after Queen Elizabeth II died and my mom wanted to see all the flowers, a fancy black car drove in while we were standing there so I have to assume it was a family member, but which one will forever remain a mystery and quite frankly, it was very anticlimactic. Which means I am due a royal meeting and of course AMT has delivered because we are hosting AN EVENING WITH BOBBY MORESCO AND COLIN QUINN! And if you don't know them then that is shocking because Bobby Moresco is AN ACADEMY AWARD WINNER and Colin Quinn is the KING OF STATEN ISLAND. It doesn't get more Screen Royal than this my friends.

Colin Quinn AMT Theater March 5 2024

I hear you ask "How did AMT Theater manage to nab these Royals?" Well, this is how: Bobby Moresco hosts The Actors Gym at AMT Theater each week. The Gym as it is affectionately known was established by Bobby in 1979 when Bobby and a group of friends realized they had outgrown their acting classes (personal goals) but still needed a space to work the craft each week.  This organic idea cultivated itself into a safe place for actors to take risks on stage and has lasted over 40 years on both coasts. Colin is a member of the Gym, of course, and they believe in the AMT Theater mission which is to nurture and create new works and be a home for performers. So, they carved out time in their busy schedules to host this evening, something true royals would do. Side note: when I first joined the AMT Team I kept hearing "The Gym is here on Thursdays" which confused the heck out of me because it felt strange hosting a gym in our theater once a week, surely people want to work out more consistently (not me) and what sort of equipment are they using? I didn't question it though and only got more confused when an eclectic group of people arrived each Thursday armed with scripts and coffee (so much coffee) and didn't break a sweat. I did ask for clarification at some point.

AMT Theater and The Actors Gym host An Evening with Bobby Moresco and Colin Quinn March 5 2024

March 5 2024 will see Colin Quinn doing performance excerpts from his past and future theater work, including Colin Quinn: An Irish Wake and Colin Quinn: Long Story Short, followed by a Q&A with Colin and Academy Award winning writer/director Bobby Moresco (“Crash”) about their collaboration on An Irish Wake, Red State Blue State and Colin’s career. You should book your tickets now because this is a doozy, Colin is touring at the moment and is squeezing us in and Bobby is hard to pin down between Directing phenomenal work and writing. Although, our amazing Marketing Director, Joan Pelzer, did manage to get Bobby onto the radio show she produces. Bobby Moresco talks about AMT Theater and our upcoming "AN EVENING WITH BOBBY MORESCO & COLIN QUINN...on The Arthur Aidala Esq Power Hour Radio Show on AM 970 The Answer with GUEST HOSTS Joan Pelzer & Steve Cuozzo

As you know AMT Theater is a not-for-profit theater and it takes serious money to run a gorgeous theater in mid-town Manhattan/Broadway. All proceeds from An Evening with Bobby Moresco and Colin Quinn will go to AMT Theater. This money will help us grow and support writers/actors/directors/performers anyone in the creative arts really. So, go on, spread the word and get those tickets because everyone wins on March 5th!

This really is an amazing opportunity to not only hear them speak, but to rub shoulders with them over a glass of wine! How often can you sip a beverage with Royalty? Not often my friends, I have tried! A friend of mine actually played the piano at an exclusive event in London many moons ago and Prince Edward was the host...even then Terry didn't get to clink his wine glass with the Prince!

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