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AUDITION gratitude

Updated: Apr 23

This week was intense at AMT Theater. We held auditions for Bettinger's Luggage, our new play opening September 19 2023. There are 15 roles and we received hundreds of responses to our call for auditions.

It's a play with specific looks and characters so we were able to narrow it down to 200 invitations who all came streaming through our gorgeous space filled with hope and bags of talent.

audition poster with luggage
Bettinger's Luggage Auditions happening now!

From the casting perspective it is tough selecting people, we want to give everyone a chance, but we had to be brutal and now it's getting even tougher as we have to select just 35 people for call backs to see who will get the final 15 roles.

I was struck by how sincere and dedicted the actors were, there were a lot of nerves and I cannot tell you how many times I told people to project only to have them whisper on stage, but overall everyone gave their all and it was inspiring to witness.

It takes serious guts to put yourself in the audition process, I wish more people realised how much work goes into preparing yourself. First there is the talent and training to hone that talent, then the headshots (not cheap), the resume filled with experience (often unpaid while you try to beef up the resume) and spending hours scanning the various sites for audition calls. If you are lucky enough to get an audition you have to prepare a monologue and then stand in front of strangers (usually) and show them why they need you. After this you cross your fingers/pray you get a call back and go through another round of prep and nerves. It's exhausting just writing about it.

To everyone that applied/auditioned/will get called back, we as the selectors/casting people have all gone through the same process, we respect the effort and dedication you have put into this, thank you.

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