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Updated: Apr 23

We pride ourselves on bringing new works to New York audiences and we started our year off the way we mean to continue with an invite only staged reading of Al Tapper and Tony Sportiello's new musical comedy Upside Down. The cast was tremendous and brought the work to life, when a reading is done right it almost feels as though it's a full show. Shout out to Spencer Neumann who walked into the theater 2 years ago and offered to help, since then he has become part of the AMT family and he is talented, he was excellent in the reading.

Spencer Neumann and Al Tapper
Spencer Neumann and Al Tapper

I don’t want to give away too much about the show, but it’s a world where things are same same, but different and two people are tasked with writing about something they know about, but have no experience of, which results in hilarious and heartwarming moments. In the end the characters stand up for marginalised people and do the right thing even though it could come at great cost to them.

The cast for the staged reading of Upside Down
The cast for the staged reading of Upside Down

It got me thinking about the world right now, we have started a new year and in theory it’s a clean slate with the potential for wonderful things, and yet we have inherited two wars and a world that feels as though it is on fire. Not getting depressed about it all is rather difficult, but then performances like last night happen and I feel more optimistic about the future. Even though there are myriad issues raining down on us, we do have the power to make a difference and we should do whatever we can to bring goodness and light into this world. I don’t want to preach here, but small gestures like smiling to strangers, saying thank you to the bus driver or the barrister goes a long way to making life kinder for everyone. Let’s make kindness the default for 2024.

Talking of kind acts, Steven Ditmyer opened up the waiting list for his Meisner Taster on Tuesday evening and because of that many people dying to see him do a practical Meisner session got in, it made their night. If you missed it then that sucks because it was great fun and so informative. What I find particularly interesting about this technique is that it is useful for almost any occupation out there, not just actors, it gives you the skills to engage thoughtfully and actively with people (something more people could benefit from quite frankly). I loved it so much I have signed up Workshops 1&2! There are still some places available so click HERE to sign up, it’s exclusive with only 12 slots open, so don’t delay!

I was away for quite some time and when I returned I was struck down with a nasty infection so this week was my first time back in the theatre since November, it was fantastic seeing everyone again and the theater had a make-over in time for 2024, it looks top class (as always)! I have had jobs before where I dreaded going back after a holiday, but this time I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and all things Off-Broadway!


Look at this gorgeous stage!
Look at this gorgeous stage!

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