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Updated: Apr 23

It is Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for here at AMT Theater.

Firstly, we have survived as a theater in a climate that is quite hostile for performers and performance in one way or another. So, well done us and THANK YOU to everyone who supported us. We do this for the love of theater and performance, but we can't do that to empty houses, so our audiences are very valued and important to us.

AMT Theater
Some of our amazing audience members

Secondly, we are grateful to our core team. You have done it all, both backstage and on stage, everything you do does not go unnoticed. From cleaning the toilets before each show to greeting guests and welcoming performers. AMT is becoming known as a safe, beautiful and lovely place in the theater world and that is because of you.

AMT Theater team at the 77th Theater World Awards
A few of the core team having fun at the 77th Theater World Awards

Thirdly, (and after this I will stop counting because the list is quite long and it becomes tiresome having to keep track of where I am with the counting), our Youth Theater team is doing such a wonderful job of creaating beautiful performances and making a space that is gentle, intentional and kind for all the children involved. This is not easy, so thank you Mary Lauren, we are looking forward to The Prom in February!

AMT Youth Theater fun
Youth Theater having fun!

Our donors, your generous contributions have helped us so much, thank you for believing in us. We will continue to bring quality theater to New York. There are exciting plans in the works for 2024, so stay tuned and get ready to support our expanding program, I assure you it will be entertaining and well worth your time and dollars. In the meantime, please consider donating just $2 to our New Work Development Program Giving Tuesday Campaign. Mimi Warnick painstakingly goes through the submissions and selects excellent plays for our readings, she is a star. We are slowly and steadily raising money to continue supporting playwrights with their new works and helping them develop them into something special for audiences.

AMT Theater Giving Tuesday campaign 2023

Finally, a personal thank you to Al Tapper and Tony Sportiello. I was a bit lost when I moved to NYC and you took a chance on me, giving me a job and making me part of the AMT family. It is such a blessing being surrounded by wonderful, caring people in the creative arts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tony Sportiello and Al Tapper at AMT Theater
Tony and Al

We hope you have a peaceful, lovely and happy Thanksgiving, from everyone at AMT Theater.

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