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Updated: Apr 23

An Evening with Bobby Moresco and Colin Quin was an absolute blast last week Tuesday! We had a full house and belly aching laughs. Amanda Moresco brought together and produced a fantastic cast and performance, everyone left wanting more! Words are not enough to convey the feeling of that night, so please peruse these photo's from the super Jillian Nelson who donated her professional photography expertise to AMT Theater, because she is a good person and likes us. THANK YOU JILLY!

We also owe a big THANK YOU to American Whiskey Bar for generously donating the booze for the night, it flowed freely and lavishly which only made the night more memorable (or less so for some). I cannot recommend this bar enough, I posted on instagram about them and my Irish friend replied with: Look who's gone all Merican now ;) Which is hilarious because he knows I don't like whiskey (sorry!) and that I am firmly South African, but if going to American Whiskey bar makes me more American then that's okay, because it is great! Do yourselves a favour and head on down there: 247 West 30th Street. Even better, why not swing past AMT for the RiseFlix event on 31 March and then to 30th Street for a nightcap! Kevin and Casey, we enjoyed spending time with you and we are so glad that AMT Theater and American Whiskey have become friends. All photo's are courtesy of Jillian Nelson.

This night was a team effort, but someone needs to be thanked specifically and that is Amanda Moresco. She spearheaded the event and planned the performance, which was great. AMT Theater is so happy that the stars aligned and the Moresco family made AMT Theater their Actors Gym Home. We are collaborating on more events throughout the year to raise money for our theater and the Gym to develop New Work, something we are both passionate about. The next event is going to be a winner, AN EVENING WITH BOBBY MORESCO, it's on April 14th and you get the chance to ask Bobby Moresco, 2 time Academy Award-winner, any question about writing, directing and film making! We are really bringing out the big guns here guys and I hope you come.

Thank you
Thank you!

There are just so many great pics from the night, I feel the need to share more!

If you didn't manage to make it then be sure to get here on April 14th because as you can see, we have a good time here at AMT Theater. We love meeting new people and creating a welcoming space for performers from all corners of the arts.

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