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Updated: Apr 23

Well, it has been a hectic 2 weeks at AMT Theater. Bettinger's Luggage closed, which was bitter-sweet because we loved having all the actors and support crew around, especially when Fred would arrive early and have a chat about his day. However, putting up an intricate set every Tuesday and taking it down every Thursday was exhausting, we do not miss that process. It would be AMAZING if we could do Bettinger' s Luggage keep those fingers crossed, because we love this play and it can spread so much good will and kindness.

AMT Theater Bettinger's Luggage 2023
The amazing Bettinger's Luggage Team!

However, as we closed our luggage show we opened the fantastic Baggage at the Door starring Dana Aber! Baggage at the Door, a one-person musical, focuses on one woman’s struggle to manage

anxiety, triggers, and intrusive thoughts to find balance, to shed circular self-critical thinking and behaviors and to learn anew how to love and value her strengths and her capacity for love after traumatic events. Equally, the show speaks to post-pandemic anxieties about the difficulties of commitments, and fears of making in-person connections, and is about saying yes to healthy possibilities of all kinds. The musical speaks in general to the kind of anxiety that broken relationships creates, and the difficulty and fear of making in person connections, which is one of the mental health concerns post-pandemic, and more particularly to the concern of intrusive thoughts, and circular self-critical thinking that comes from traumatic situations that must be overcome to find balance and stronger mental health and healthy relationships.

AMT Theater Baggage at the Door 2023

It's a beautiful and thought provoking piece, you will laugh and possibly cry during the 90 minute run, but you will definitely leave feeling amazed that one woman could survive all that and still be so warm, creative and wonderful. We all have baggage, in every sense, so why not come over and watch someone else's baggage crisis and forget about your own for a while - maybe even get some tips for how to deal with your baggage! Dana Aber is part of the AMT family having been with us from the very beginning, she starred in An Unbalanced Mind and On the Right Track. We are so proud of her production, it's a limited run so don't miss out, get your tickets here!

AMT Theater Baggage at the Door 2023

Mimi Warnick has been working hard all year on the New Work Development Program that AMT runs. It is at the heart of what we do, supporting, promoting and developing new plays. Right now the 2024 submissions have opened, read the poster for all the info! If you have a new play and need to see it come alive on stage then submit it to Mimi ( and maybe you will be selected to have a free reading at AMT Theater.

AMT Theater New Work Development Program New Year, New Work

I don't usually like overloading this blog with information, but sheesh, there is just so much happening and I want to talk about it all. This is the final piece though and the one closest to my heart at the moment as it's my pet project and I obviously want it to succeed because I believe in it. This year AMT Theater is part of Giving Tuesday on 28 November. We became a not-for-profit in the spring and this will be our first opportunity to be a part of this special day. We are hoping to raise $20 000 for our New Work Development Program (you see, it was a natural segue from our New Year, New Work call :). This year AMT has covered the costs of this program because we believe writers deserve the chance to hear and see their play on stage in reading form, their work cannot progress easily or well without this process and how would theater survive without new work? However, it is a costly endevour and in order for us to keep it free for the writers and the audience we need to raise money, $20 000 will cover costs and possibly provide some money for the writer and actors, we will make no profit from this, which is good with us because we just want to help creatives and be their supportive home. If you like us and our program please consider donating any amount to keep this program alive and thriving.

AMT Theater New Work Development Program Giving Tuesday 2023

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