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Farewell Seryn and Frenzy Fest shoutout

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

AMT had the priviledge of having Seryn Kim as an intern for a few weeks. She was wonderful and helped with the rather large task of casting 14 actors for our upcoming show Bettinger's Luggage, if you're one of the actors who received any of the audition invites it was Seryn you were talking to. Once we had cast she moved onto the next epic task of sourcing props and creating an organised list of these props.

Basically, she worked like a horse on this project and we would have struggled without her because not only was she super organised she did everything with a smile and nothing was too much to handle.

Seryn is a talented performer and is studying theater at university, we have no doubt she will be a star one day soon, especially because she appreciates what goes on behind the scenes as much as the finished product. We will miss you Seryn, thank you for everything!It was tough saying farewell to you.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in October when you come to see Bettinger's Luggage *^.^*

Casting Bettinger's Luggage was no easy feat, but we are done and our final addition to the cast is Ivan Goris who is part of the BARRIO INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS not-for-profit which is hosting their 5th Frenzy Fest this weekend! Frenzy-Fest is a bilingual competitive theatrical-cinema-festival focusing on social and psychological vulnerabilities serving to increase awareness and empathy about the stigma of mental health. Frenzy Fest focuses on the human psyche as the totality of all elements forming the mind. In the mind’s complexity, almost all human beings may experience a temporary madness or a violent mental and emotional agitation, and may not be diagnosed as a psychotic person.

The line up looks fantastic and very thought provoking, so head to their website to get all the information.

Frenzy Fest 2023 poster

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