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Updated: Apr 23

It has been a roller coaster 2 weeks for us at AMT Theater, we have been busy! Rehearsals for Bettinger's Luggage are going well, the cast have been focused and working so hard, it is starting to come together and we are excited! On Friday we used the costumes for the first time, which is no small feat as it's a cast of 14 ad they each have at least 2 costume changes. Gina has done a stellar job and everyone looks fantastic, 1970s NYC Lower East Side is coming alive on the AMT stage. Our merchandise also arrived and it looks fabulous, go here to get yours now.

Sean Church-Gonzalez looking good with all the Bettinger's Luggage merch
Sean Church-Gonzalez looking good with all the Bettinger's Luggage merch

The rest of us were also planning our booth for the Manhattan Plaza Block Festival 2023 which was on September 9th. It was great and we promoted the socks off of our amazing theater and Bettinger's Luggage. Woot.

Last Friday Joanie, Mario and myself went to the Times Square Alliance Curtain Up performance to promote Bettinger's Luggage and sing along to the super music. Luckily we just missed the rain! The Curtain Up Broadway Festival is a three-day outdoor event where Broadway fans can dance, sing, and enjoy themselves at a variety of unique interactive events and performances, all free, live, and open to the public.

Not to be a downer, but COVID is rearing its ugly head again and this is just a friendly reminder from us at AMT to look after yourselves, mask up in public, wash your hands regularly and if you have any symptoms test yourself. Also, take lots of vitamin C and stay hydrated! We have had a few people get sick recently and it's the absolute pits, so be careful.

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