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Updated: Apr 23

WOW, AMT is having an amazing spring! We nailed it quite frankly and opened spring with a series of zingers! If we were a garden then we planned a superb early blossom extravaganza with Kelli's Casual Cabaret, the Reading Festival, An Evening with Bobby Moresco master class in film and auditions for DAVID, a new musical all blooming in the last couple of weeks.

Kelli Maguire is our Deputy Creative Director and a woman filled to the brim with talent. She has such an interesting life story and she is using that to create a cabaret, she used this casual evening to introduce people to her work in progress and everyone left wanting more, we can't wait to see the next installment Kelli, your cabaret is blossoming, please don't keep us waiting too long!

Kelli Maguire at AMT Theater

The Reading Festival was fantastic, there is no other word for it. Mimi Warnick put together a stellar line up of new works from established and new playwrights. I was there for every reading and the audiences left with smiles on their faces and the playwrights got such good feedback and are feeling ready for the next step in getting their plays fully staged, which is no mean feat people, so wish them good luck and serious winning lotto energy. It was, as usual, free to everyone and the only thing we asked in return was for people to fill out our new survey. We are a not-for-profit now and in order to apply for grants we need a lot of data, so if you were there and didn't have time to fill it in or if you have ever attended a show at AMT then please help us by filling in this survey (all answers are confidential). Well done to everyone involved, it was great and the continuation of a blooming progam here at AMT.

When I was growing up it seemed almost impossible to meet an Academy Award winner, and if I did I imagined they wouldn't have much time for me and that it would just be a fleeting moment. Well, life is full of surprises because not only have I met an Academy Award winner (two time winner actually!), but I have had conversations with him and I can honestly say: I know an Oscar winner, Bobby Moresco, and he is kind, intelligent, intimidatingly creative, but always willing to share his skills and give people a chance. All in all, a good man. Now, he hosted a super evening last Sunday, which was essentially a master class in all things film: script writing, directing and producing. Considering he has two Academy Awards under his belt for just these things I think anyone who wants to make it in the film industry should have been there. As expected the evening was a success, especially because Dan Lauria was on stage to host the evening! A huge thank you to everyone who made the night possible, all proceeds are going towards new work development at The Actors Gym and AMT Theater. All photographs were taken by Jillian Nelson.

We are super excited to announce that our brand new show, DAVID, a new musical, is going to open June 1st! The past two weeks have been very intense balancing the auditions for this new show while also doing the above events, but we did it and we are so looking forward to working with the lucky actors who have made it to the final cut. Al Tapper, who wrote this new musical, Kyle Pleasant, Director and Choreographer, and David Wolfson, Musical Director, spent so many hours listening to the enormous talent coming from all the actors who auditioned and it seems after quite an arduous two weeks that they have found the actors who will bring this play to life. They were helped by the AMT Team too, who somehow managed to split themselves into a hundred pieces to pull off a festival, a fundraising event, running the theater and the auditions, round of applause to everyone who helped, this is the beginning of a wild and wonderful ride! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes info in the weeks to come.

Audition team for DAVID, a new musical at AMT Theater
The amazing audition team!

DAVID, a new musical at AMT Theater

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