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INVITE FLIER - AMT Musical Reading UPSIDE DOWN Thursday January 11th V001.png

Thursday January 11th - AMT Theater hosted a Staged Reading of UPSIDE DOWN, A NEW MUSICAL COMEDY.

“It’s a World Where Up is Down, Left is Right and NOTHING is as you know it”

It is a world where up is down, left is right and gay is straight.  90% of America identifies as gay, while straight people make up the minority.  California and New York are mostly right wing, while Alabama and Tennessee are liberal states.  Public school teachers are paid exorbitant salaries and pro basketball players are barely making ends meet.

Jack and Robert are two gay theater writers who have had a modicum of success but yet to have a show hit Broadway.  They are told that in order to be ‘in vogue’ these days, and win the critic’s hearts, they should write a ‘straight’ musical, since that would be bold and different.  Neither of them know anything about the straight world and even Jack admits to being slightly heterophobic.  But they dive head first into this strange new world and what they discover changes how they, and others, look at the world.   


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