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Join Us For The Party To Begin All Parties!!!
Monday November 7th - 6:00pm

AMT Theater BW Benefit poster 2022

VIP Guests $100, Doors Open 6:00PM - Also Includes Priority Seating for Benefit Show, Plus 2 Complimentary Tickets to an AMT Cabaret of your Choice-based on availability. Arrive Early and Join Us in a Champagne Toast!

Honored Guests $75, Doors Open 6:30PM - Come in, find out what AMT is all about, see a show and have some food and drinks with the company. 

New York's Newest Off Broadway Theater welcomes its friends, neighbors and fellow artists as AMT opens its doors at 354 West 45th Street to the public.  A 99 seat, beautifully decorated, wheelchair accessible theater right in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, which promises to bring new works, children's shows, cabaret, stand up comedy and more to the community. 

It will be our honor to join with the rest of the Big Apple in an effort to erase the memories of covid and restore New York City to the thriving, gleaming, center of the universe it once was and will soon be again.  With your help AMT will grow to be a vital part of the city's future, showcasing new and exciting writers, actors, directors and technicians for the next ten years and beyond.  Please join us for an evening of song, laughs, wine and merriment and come to mingle with the staff of New York's most promising artistic venue. 


As you help AMT to grow, you help all of Manhattan to grow.

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