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A new off-Broadway Theater in the heart of Manhattan


**Do you like seeing people happy?**

Of course you do and so do we, that’s why we started our

New Work Development Program!

"During a time when so many theaters are closing, having a vital, ongoing process of play readings is important. While readings are not obviously full productions, the process can give a taste of what might be to come. It makes the play feel real and warms the heart of the playwright who has labored over it." - Bill Kelly Jr. Playwright. 

We do this all for free!


So, why not help us keep writers happy this Giving Tuesday, November 28 2023, by donating money to help keep this free for everyone.

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"A sparkling new Hell’s Kitchen performance venue filled to the brim!"

AMT Theater is the brainchild of Producer Al Tapper ("Broadway: The Golden Age") and Artistic Director Tony Sportiello.  The goal is to create a regional theater right in the heart of Manhattan's theater district; creating new shows and new musicals, doing children's theater, cabaret, festivals, readings and more.  It is a haven for actors, writers, directors, technicians, stagehands and audiences, as we seek to create exciting new work and become an integral piece of the Broadway community.  Stay in touch as our seasons unfold and come be a part of our great experiment!

AMT Theater, gorgeous new off-broadway theater

NYC's newest and Most Exciting Off-Broadway Theater

NYC Experience is our youth partnership program with IDEA Guadalajara. 


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