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Updated: Apr 23

I went to my first Prom last night and it was fantastic! Not having grown up in north America I never had the opportunity to attend one of these celebrations (but don't worry, we have our own magical celebrations in the southern hemisphere, so I didn't actually miss out on anything;). AMT Youth Theater under the expert guidance of Mary Lauren is putting on The Prom musical for the next 10 days and it is an absolute gem of a show, if you missed out on the prom experience for whatever reason then head on over to AMT Theater because this is what you have been waiting for!

AMT Youth Theater The Prom 2024 poster

Mary Lauren, the director and choreographer of this particular production opened the show last night with a speech and the part that really stuck with me is how The Prom encapsulates everything that AMT Youth Theater stands and strives for, which is: inclusivity, acceptance, creativity, kindness and fun. Trust me, as a former educator and drama&dance teacher, it is not easy creating an environment where everyone is welcomed and nurtured, but Mary Lauren and her team have managed to do this for the Youth department and this show.The cast is fabulous and have worked together to create a show that is timely, resonates with all ages and vibrates with good vibes (very 20th Century, I know, but it's true).

AMT Youth Theater The Prom 2024 cast and crew
The whole team in that incredible set!

There are still tickets left, but they are running out, so make sure you book yours today because we only have a few performances left and I can't bear the thought of anyone missing this performance. In fact, you should book for 2 shows because we have such a talented group of students this year that there are alternates for the roles of Dee Dee and Angie, so you have the opportunity to see the same show, but with different and equally talented soon to be stars in super fun roles.

In other AMT news our brand spanking new film screen arrived last Friday and it is a beast in every sense: humungous, heavy, sleek, gorgeous, the panther of screens really and it was our job to haul it off the truck and carefully store it until we can install it after The Prom. The set for The Prom is AMAZING, shout out to Steven Carey for creating such a simple yet effective design, and we didn't want to disturb it in any way with our panther screen. So for now, it is tucked away waiting for it's moment to pounce. If I continue with this panther metaphor then it's safe to say that it definitely scratched us and hissed a whole lot at its treatment while we tried to manouver it into our highly angular theater (who knew?!). I had blithely told Daniel that I was just going in for an hour to help store the new screen...I think it was 7 hours later that I returned bruised and tired, but very satisfied with our work. Well done Aiden Bezark, your generous friend, Michael and the AMT team on hiding the panther! I cannot wait for everyone to see it hanging up in all it's sleek glory and for our first screening...more on that in the next blog.

AMT Theater screen
My words: Michael, don't die.

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