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AMT has basically two goals.  One is to move a show onto Broadway - not because Broadway is the absolute definitive mark of excellence in theater, but because if you're a professional, you want to be at the top.  You want to be in the World Series, the Super Bowl, you want to win an Academy Award.  It gives you something to strive for and it pushes you to extraordinary lengths.  So yes, we want to move a show onto Broadway, but we also want something perhaps even more significant.  We want to make a difference in people's lives.  We want to do new shows, to encourage new writers and directors.  We want to do children's shows, to get the young people involved at an early age.  We want to work with other professionals outside of the country, like our spectacular successes with acclaimed director Mauricio Cedeno and the amazing artists of Guadalajara, Mexico.  And we want to do cabaret because, well, it's just fun.  We want to serve as a regional theater to the people in our immediate area, to draw on their energy and solicit their opinions, because without our audience, we are nothing.  So please come with us on this magical carpet ride and let's see where it takes us. 


Tony Sportiello

Artistic Director

AMT Theater


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