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Thursday December 15th 2022 7:00pm

Friday December 16th 2022 7:00pm

Saturday December 17th 2022 7:00pm


Written and performed by
Antonia Kasper
directed by Katherine Elliot


With her biological clock ticking, thirty-nine-year-old New Yorker, Rachel Yardley is propelled into doing something that goes against everything she believes in—Online Dating. Challenged by her sister’s dare to meet fifty men in ninety days, Rachel rises to the occasion. While desperately speed dating at Starbucks, she questions her past choices in ex-boyfriends, abusive/abandonment issues with her father, and why the only unconditional love she has ever known…is with her dog.  Take the humorous and timely rollercoaster ride as Rachel Yardley races against her biological clock to find Mr. Right (and possibly conceive a child).


Can this woman who feels “past her prime” find true love in a city where the odds are against her?

Antonia Kasper is an award-winning writer, performer, producer and director. 45 Coffee Dates is based on
Kasper’s true-life story and book (soon to be released). She also has a production company KASPER PRODUCTIONS
(A Kasper Production) that focuses on women driven projects. To learn more about Antonia go to:

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